Amy offers the following services:

Play Therapy

In Play Therapy, a therapist works to create a non-judgmental atmosphere with clear boundaries in which a child can feel safe to express feelings, identities, and struggles. This environment also facilitates children's development of mastery, coping, and problem-solving skills. Amy uses an eclectic model - drawing on methods and techniques from cognitive/behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, child-centered therapy, and family therapy - adapted to meet the needs of children's presenting problems.

DIR/Floortime Services

DIR/Floortime therapy was developed by Stanley Greenspan and Serena Wieder. The basic principle is to begin where the child is, following his/her lead, and support the child's continued development by building on natural interests. Many children who have been diagnosed with autism receive this therapy as part of their regime of services. However, this type of therapy is useful for a lot of different children to help build parent-child interactions and develop pretend play skills.

Family Training

Effective parenting skills are a complement to most playroom interventions. Amy is trained in Parent-Child Relationship Enhancement Therapy - using play and effective discipline to improve children's behavior and family relationships. Training sessions include discussions around parenting styles, parent-child relationship building, effective limit-setting, planned ignoring, positive reinforcement, and punishment alternatives. This model is the treatment of choice for most children with oppositional/defiant behaviors or conduct disorders.

Play Therapy Groups

Group play therapy assists with the development of social skills. self-awareness, problem solving skills, self-confidence, team building, and creativity. Groups are conducted at Speak, Learn, and Play, and have a maximum of four children per group. Children and families meet with Amy prior to acceptance in the group, to ensure a "good fit."

Educational Consulting/Coaching

Amy works with parents and school teams to create inclusive classrooms and school communities where all types of learners succeed behaviorally and socially. Amy offers 1:1 consultation, as well as on-site school training, to design appropriate supports for each child.

Consultation packages can include:

Classroom observations

1-hour parent meeting

Weekly consultation

Professional development

Parent and Family Workshops