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Group Therapy

Group play therapy assists with the development of social skills. self-awareness, problem solving skills, self-confidence, team building, and creativity. Groups are conducted at Speak, Learn, and Play, and have four - six children per group.  Children and families meet with Amy prior to acceptance in the group, to ensure a "good fit."  Written feedback is provided to each family at the end of each 10-week session.  

In Winter 2022, Amy will be offering two groups:

Lego Social Skills Club

Drawing on the Lego Serious Play and Lego-based Counseling models, this group will work to build social competence through the use of legos. We will engage in project-based activities designed to encourage friendship and collaboration, emotion management/regulation, growth mindset, self-esteem, and mindfulness.

Fridays from 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Ages 6 - 8 years old, 4 children/group


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Board Game Group

Board games are the perfect tool to introduce and teach social/emotional learning! Using classic games as well as new favorites, we will develop self-awareness, management of emotional responses, self-esteem, team work/collaboration, self-control, conflict resolution, making thoughtful decisions, and empathy.

Fridays from 4:45pm - 6:15pm

Ages 7 - 11 years old, 6 children/group


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From Chaos to Calm

The ability to self-regulate is critical for success in school, in relationships, and in life.  Using the principles of DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) coupled with Executive Functioning Training and Sensorimotor Therapy, we will focus on the following skills:  impulse control, emotional control, flexible thinking, working memory, self-monitoring, planning and prioritizing, task initiation, and organization.  Group will utilize structured activities/teaching, games, and movement each week and each child will go home with concrete skills to practice throughout the week.


Ages 7 - 10 years old, 6 children/group


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